Hearts! Lovely Hanging Crystal Prism Hearts, Small to Large available

We just finished a small series of lovely Prism Glass Heart Hangings.

Ranging from small to large- the small are dainty vintage German Glass Faceted Hearts. Larger Hearts are Faceted Lead Crystal Prism, and Smooth Crystal Optic.

Lovely presents for your sweetie, daughter, sister, neice, grandaugter, partner or wife!

New Series of "Window Necklaces" - gorgeous! with vintage rare chandelier glass

Well, we've been a hunkered down with a lovely Pacific Northwest Winter. The past week has been filled with crystal clear blue skies. Jaw dropping sunsets and sunrises, very inspiring to time of year to put together window necklaces with some of the treasured rare chandelier glass we've collected.

Available on our ETSY Site: 2 Dirty Birds Boutique


Oh the Stars on a December night in the PNW

Here on Whidbey Island, we've had a streak of gorgeous clear skies. This is such a treat during the long months of winter here in the Pacific Northwest.

The stars at night have been incredible, eye candy with the gorgeous shades of winter blue, highlighted by the recent Full Moon.

I grabbed some photos of these, and thought I'd share another photo featuring a star series in progress.

Stay Shiny!

The Scene behind the Scenes of photographing the Sparkly Shiny With a Cockatoo

Pictures can tell a lot of stories... this set of images was today's scene of events.

Photographing with natural light out on the deck, with one of the 2 Dirty Birds, Muffin.

She enjoys being outdoors, runs or hops up and down the deck railing, sometimes with full force calls and feathers. She's a loud and proud Salmon Crested Cockatoo. Queen of the island here...


The Bottlecap that made me happy

One of us here at 2 Dirty Birds has been putzing with glass since dinosaurs roamed the earth. (well, most of their life, since childhood)

It started on a walk from elementary school to home, and vice versa. One of the houses in the area,  had a glass studio. They use to put their shards and scraps in a woodframed sand box in their yard. This got my attention.... and is the reason have been non stop infatuated with all things glass.

SUNCATCHER! Large Crystal Prism Sphere (40mm) Window Hangings for under $25

We have started a great selection of large Prism Crysal sphere window hangings, also known as "Suncatcher"

Under $25 and includes shipping within the U.S.

Single strand hanging, perfect to hang in just about any space that needs the shiny sparkly.

Excellent prezzie idea for your friends and family that would love a wee bit of sparkle and rainbow for their space!

Unique beads, components and metal tones, guaranteed to bring the comment "where did you get that"?


More Decorative Ornaments!

Oh Multiples are indeed fun!

Here's our latest round of ornament sets  featured on our new Etsy site "2 Dirty Birds Boutique".

The sets are wonderful as a group, or can be gifted as individual suncatchers.

A win win for anyone with a keen eye to the shiny sparkly

Stop by and browse the Etsy, and stay shiny and sparkly people!




Anything in Multiples is FUN! Glass Ornament sets!

Once upon a time while visiting the local Dump and Recycle perusing objects and materials. Muses dancing and pondering what could be possibly made with piles of shovel and pitch fork heads, the owner mentioned in conversation that "anything in multiples is fun".

She was darn skippy straight with that comment, and that has always held inspiration for the muses.


Keep in mind, you could purchase the whole set, and gift out individually- shiny sparkly prezzies are always the best.

2 Dirty Birds Boutique on Etsy!

Ta Dah!

We've expanded to Etsy!

Stop by and see what we have featured there, when you get the chance.

"2 Dirty Birds Boutique"

Also, don't forget to friend us on Facebook.


Stay shiny and sparkly, and remember we're all in this together, regardless of the recent election.





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