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Oh the Stars on a December night in the PNW

Here on Whidbey Island, we've had a streak of gorgeous clear skies. This is such a treat during the long months of winter here in the Pacific Northwest.

The stars at night have been incredible, eye candy with the gorgeous shades of winter blue, highlighted by the recent Full Moon.

I grabbed some photos of these, and thought I'd share another photo featuring a star series in progress.

Stay Shiny!





Moon setting over Puget Sound with a tugboat headed towards Seattle

Just as sun was rising...


The Scene behind the Scenes of photographing the Sparkly Shiny With a Cockatoo

Pictures can tell a lot of stories... this set of images was today's scene of events.

Photographing with natural light out on the deck, with one of the 2 Dirty Birds, Muffin.

She enjoys being outdoors, runs or hops up and down the deck railing, sometimes with full force calls and feathers. She's a loud and proud Salmon Crested Cockatoo. Queen of the island here...


Stop by and check out our new additions in GOLD! Gold Plated Brass- beautiful sparkly with AB Crystal Spheres.



The Bottlecap that made me happy


It takes a careful eye and mind to understand how to photograph/capture/document glass well in light. It's a challenge.

No busy backgrounds, flash, flourescent lighting (eww, trust me, don't try it).

Tried and true is good ol natural difused lighting, slightly overcast with a neutral back drop.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, this is Fall through Spring.... However, November-January, the sun is just a few clicks above horizon, long, long... looooong dark days. Light and lack of it here in the PNW until Winter Solstice is a real deal.

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