Where did "2 Dirty Birds" title come from? (Hint.. it's not referring to human beings...)

One of the people behind the scenes in making the Vintage Chandelier Art is an avid bird lover of both wild and domestic birds, with a special knaack in dealing with Mollucan Cockatoos. Given their lifespan of 80-100 years, it's a lifetime commitment. They are intelligent, loving, LOUD, messy, and full of suprises and love.

Needless to say, caring for these beautiful beings, is a chore.

Sparkle Town Headquarters On A November Day


A view from outside window, affectionately named  "Sparkletown", the studio headquarters for "2 Dirty Birds" vintage chandelier art on a November day.


Blog-"Postcards From Sparkletown"

An indoor scene from "Sparkletown", Headquarters of 2 Dirty Birds Vintage Chandelier Glass Art.

This was from the very beginning days of 2 Dirty Birds Vintage Chandelier Glass Art.

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