Sparkles tend to follow us ...


We went out to dinner recently, something rarely are able to do and such a huge treat.

Blurted out that it was our first time eating at this restaurant, and how silly in some ways that is, given we have both lived on island for some years.  We had discussion of how we can get caught up in our little "bubbles" of where we reside and work. We sure have many hermit like "bubbles" that keep us tethered to small spaces for a big island.

Getting out and about to remind us of our connections and space and enjoy together is beautiful, and a reminder we are "in it together".

The wait staff, Jeannie, was so friendly and genuinely excited for us to be treated to the amazing food being prepared. She then proceeded to sprinkle shiny confetti on our table. 

We all laughed, and felt pretty special.

The owner came by and asked if it was a birthday for us, we said no. She said that the confetti is usally laid out on table for birthdays. 


Apparently the sparkle in life tends to follow us, where ever we go, there it is, shiny and bright to remind us of the good in life





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