The Bottlecap that made me happy


It takes a careful eye and mind to understand how to photograph/capture/document glass well in light. It's a challenge.

No busy backgrounds, flash, flourescent lighting (eww, trust me, don't try it).

Tried and true is good ol natural difused lighting, slightly overcast with a neutral back drop.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, this is Fall through Spring.... However, November-January, the sun is just a few clicks above horizon, long, long... looooong dark days. Light and lack of it here in the PNW until Winter Solstice is a real deal.

Because of the above mentioned, it's been a challenge to master photographing the new pieces 2 Dirty Birds has been making. The past couple of weeks, it's been mostly trial and error. A lot of waiting for it to stop raining, head outside,  hanging the items carefully... get the photo set just right, and bam a gust of wind blows through. (translates to the hanging pieces into a blurry image) Patiently waiting for the just a wee bit less grayscale in the clouds, set up a still shot on the deck with driftwood and tablecloth in brrrr chilly north winds.

Truly, I admire those that have the patience and knaack to set up their photos so well and capture incredible detail.

I've been told it's good to use something people can relate to in the photograph to get a size reference.  In early photos of pieces, I used a quarter for this, however, with the photo challenges mentioned above it turned the quarter into a shiny blob in most pictures. Just one more disapointment in the first world realm, of not being able to capture/document the works....

Enter a dear friend bring a gift of adult beverages, locally crafted and it has a BIRD BOTTLECAP, oh... and not just any bird, a raven! One of my absolute favorites of birds.. (well, okay, admittedly, all birds are my favorite... I love birds, we'll just save that story for later...) This bottlecap made me feel like a lucky kid, all over again.

Today I thought to use the bottle cap in the photos of new ornaments, and VOILA! HAPPY with the photos of ornaments, FINALLY!  Had a smile on my face all day, thanks to that bottlecap.

Still wish we had a bit more daylight to work with, the window of time to get them done during the day is short, so if you think the photos are a bit dark, there is a reason... THE BEST PART, the Bottlecap! the artist and muses are happy!


Cheers! and remember to stay shiny and sparkly!






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