Bad Ass Unicorn Art, one of the artists of 2 Dirty Birds Vintage Chandelier Glass Art



One of us has immense talent with found objects and natural materials.

Recently some big storms rolled through the island.  One included astrological high tide and crazy 60 mph winds, this combination left the beaches filled to capacity with logs. Every imagineable size log, shape, contour, roots and all.

The twinkle in the eye this one has when scoring just the right shaped piece is priceless. Like a kid with the biggest treasure ever found to mankind and history.

Here is a sampling of eye candy images done by this most amazing human being, I refer to as the "Bad Ass Unicorn" and his lovely score of driftwood.

You will see much more of this mythical beings creative endeavors, and understand why this one makes our heart sing and inspires gently in the ways only a B.A.U can do.


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