January 2019

Be My Bohemian Valentine- Exquisite & Unique Boho Handcrafted Hanging Chandelier Lanterns with Vintage Crystal Prisms

    Vintage Cobalt Blue Prism Chandelier Glass Handmade Heart Filigree Hanging Lantern Cobalt Blue Prism Glass Heart Filigree Hanging Lantern

 Cobalt Blue Vintage Prism Glass, Handmade Filigree Heart Chandelier Glass Hanging

We love finding old rare vintage chandelier glass, especially anything in color. The old true glass is so gorgeous and is a pleasure to design. These are inspired by those classic chandeliers, and our 'gypsy' spirit the muses we have whisper. We love music, and one of our favorite musicians is Stevie Nicks. Sure was happy to finally see her acknowledged, and into the Rock N Roll Hall of fame last year. As Female artist, she sure has left us with an incredible gift with music.

This week in meme's and random giggle images

Sometimes we find inspiration from the silliness that exists on the internet.

can't hog these to ourselves!

Here's to the remedy laughter provides us all



"Be My Ruby Red Bohemian Valentine"- Gorgeous Chandelier Glass "Window Necklace" Hanging

Handmade Window Chandelier Necklace with Crystal Prisms


Adorn your space with this exceptional, one of a kind vintage beaded chandelier glass art hanging , a "beaded curtain" or as we lovingly refer to as "Window Necklace". Hand made to last a lifetime with our unique design in gorgeous prism glass and beads.

So beautiful and unique- Bohemian theme- Boho Home Decor.

Exquisite and Unique, Our Handmade Hanging "Jellyfish AirPlants" are becoming popular with glorious reviews

Wow! Have we had an amazing response to our unique, hand made hanging airplant series these past months and are incredibly grateful. 

These have brought in many 5 star reviews, on our Etsy and upcoming and starting to show on our Amazon.com 

from these unsolicited customer reviews, it appears people are very much loving these bright, fun, sparkly and live plants.

 Hanging AirPlants, "Jelly Fish AirPlant" Hanging Air Plant, "Jellyfish Airplant" Hanging Jellyfish Airplant Hanging Jellyfish Airplants 
We took the "floating jellyfish" theme and added a bit of beautiful bling! Swarovski, Freshwater Pearls make these Floating Jellyfish unique.