April 2016

Bad Ass Unicorn Art, one of the artists of 2 Dirty Birds Vintage Chandelier Glass Art



One of us has immense talent with found objects and natural materials.

Recently some big storms rolled through the island.  One included astrological high tide and crazy 60 mph winds, this combination left the beaches filled to capacity with logs. Every imagineable size log, shape, contour, roots and all.

The twinkle in the eye this one has when scoring just the right shaped piece is priceless. Like a kid with the biggest treasure ever found to mankind and history.

Life is a work in progress, always forward from the heart


The beautiful Large Heart Lanterns are not only functional to hold a votive candle, provide lighting for your personal space, they will adorn any environment begging for a "love light" .

Kind of similar to crows liking shiny objects for their stash, wouldn't you say? (If you're not into bird behavior, disregard the analogy there)

Sometimes in reflection and pondering, life tosses us many hurdles and challenges. The good, the bad, and the occasional crazy clown.

Sparkles tend to follow us ...


We went out to dinner recently, something rarely are able to do and such a huge treat.

Blurted out that it was our first time eating at this restaurant, and how silly in some ways that is, given we have both lived on island for some years.  We had discussion of how we can get caught up in our little "bubbles" of where we reside and work. We sure have many hermit like "bubbles" that keep us tethered to small spaces for a big island.