March 2016

"Inspiration, Move me Brightly"


Today was a true story regarding the Grateful Dead's lyric "Inspiration move me brightly" from "Terrapin Station" song.

Glorious to see the sunshine on a beautiful spring morning. Friend, Louise came by and we went for a walk on the rural road here, long chats, sightings of a momma deer and young, raven pair chasing each other through the thick trees effortlessly, calling out .

From Us to You, The Current Scene of Events at Sparkletown


...just a random postcard sent with love, from where the shiny, sparkle muses dance and play!

"may your day be bright, your smile shine, and your heart sing today"

Where did "2 Dirty Birds" title come from? (Hint.. it's not referring to human beings...)

One of the people behind the scenes in making the Vintage Chandelier Art is an avid bird lover of both wild and domestic birds, with a special knaack in dealing with Mollucan Cockatoos. Given their lifespan of 80-100 years, it's a lifetime commitment. They are intelligent, loving, LOUD, messy, and full of suprises and love.

Needless to say, caring for these beautiful beings, is a chore.